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Jueves, 25 de Abril 2019

Publican fotos de Kendall Jenner desnuda

La modelo posó para la colección "Angels" del fotógrafo Rusell James

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En algunas de las imágenes se puede ver a Kendall corriendo totalmente desnuda. INSTAGRAM / kendalljenner

En algunas de las imágenes se puede ver a Kendall corriendo totalmente desnuda. INSTAGRAM / kendalljenner

Varias imágenes de la modelo Kendall Jenner en donde aparece totalmente desnuda invadieron las redes sociales.

Según la revista "TMZ", la media hermana de las Kardashian posó para la colección "Angels" del fotógrafo Rusell James , en donde participan varias modelos como Hailey Baldwin y Lily Aldridge.

En algunas de las fotos aparece Kendall corriendo por la playa luciendo su espectacular cuerpo.

El libro fotográfico se presentó la semana pasada en Nueva York en una fiesta organizada conjuntamente por Cindy Crawford y Candice Swanepoel.


I have heard @cindycrawford say ‘Why do they call us Super-models? We don’t wear capes’. My response is that when you do so much to transform an entire industry and also manage to be an incredible role-model for multiple generations you get to be called ‘supermodel’. So the cape is actually justified and perhaps the series we created together using only a sheet is homage to that? THANK YOU for not only co-hosting the launch of Angels 2018 and a spectacular private dinner, and also allowing your images to become a part of my first collectors-only book and fine art-collection, but also for taking the considerable time to write the thoughtful foreword for the book. Your words put in perspective the important reason that empowerment is linked to how, when and why anyone might allow their image to be published. Thank you as well to the most envied man in the world, @randegerber for making sure we had only the best cocktails to accompany the first ever viewing of ‘Angels 2018’ @casamigos I am very grateful for all the messages everyone has sent. I’d reply personally to all if I could! For Collector Edition Book inquiries please visit www.angelsbyrusselljames.com For fine-art inquiries please email angels@russelljames.com. I thank you for your patience as my team works through the backlog. Thank you Cindy aka ‘super-model’. #angelsfineartcollection

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